SYNC MyFord Touch Near Ann Arbor

Ford SYNC® with the MyFord and MyFord Touch

SYNC® systems in Ford vehicles currently allow drivers to make hands-free phone calls, download messages about road conditions and traffic, and activate mp3 songs by simple voice commands. The next-generation SYNC® systems, paired with New MyFord TouchTM driver connect technology, will allow drivers to review email and Twitter messages, use WiFi through a Ford-developed built-in web browser while parked. It also creates a mobile WiFi hotspot for passenger use by leveraging customer's USB mobile broadband modem plugged into system's Media Hub. WiFi capability will be standard on vehicles equipped with MyFord Touch with no additional hardware or subscriptions required beyond the user-supplied mobile broadband modem.

iTunes® Tagging and HD Radio Ford is the first auto manufacturer to offer HD Radio technology with iTunes® Tagging capability; this new functionality will allow users to "tag" songs for a full replay at a later time. Tagging will is available on Ford vehicles equipped with MyFord Touch driver connect technology with the latest generation of SYNC®. HD Radio technology captures free digital radio broadcasts, which eliminate static, fadeout and other problems associated with conventional analog radio signals; the result is FM audio comparable to near-CD quality and AM audio that sounds like today's FM broadcasts. HD Radio digital technology provides a number of advanced services not available with an analog radio. Extra FM channels, called HD2/HD3 channels, are delivered, as well as useful on-screen Program Service Data such as artist name and song title.

MyFord Touch New MyFord driver connect technology blends Ford signature in-vehicle features into a cohesive experience, featuring intuitive controls, more voice activation and interface personalization MyFord Touch interface includes dual 4.2-inch LCD screens with corresponding five-way button steering wheel controls and an 8-inch touch screen all controlled by simplified SYNC® voice commands. Intuitive driver connect technology provides access to ever-expanding in-vehicle functionality while minimizing driver distraction and improving interior aesthetics. 

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