Ford AXZ Plans Explained

Do you wonder what Ford discount/plan you qualify for?  

AZ Family Plan Discount applies to current Ford employees, retired Ford employees, grandparents of Ford employees (current or retired), parents of Ford employees (current or retired) or sibling of Ford employees (current or retired).

X Plan Discount applies to non immediate family members of Ford employees (current or retired), neighbors of Ford employees (current or retired), friends of Ford employees or the company you work (see below) for may provide you with X plan discount.     

Did you know that over 4,000 companies provide their employees with a Ford X-Plan discount?  If you work for McDonald's, University of Michigan, Apple, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kroger, St. Joseph Health, Hilton, Siemens, IBM, Best Buy, Harley Davidson, DTE Energy or one of the other 4,000+ companies partnered with Ford Motor Company, then you qualify for the Ford X-Plan discount. 

Ford Employees or Retirees click here to generate PIN or call 800-348-7709

X-Plan Sponsors click here to generate PIN or call 877-975-2600

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