The Ford Explorer ST is Designed for Comfort

The Ford Explorer ST is designed to be a performance model of the Ford Explorer. It is reliable and durable, and it is available for you to see at Brighton Ford in Brighton, MI. The Ford Explorer ST provides you with nice features like a twin-turbo engine and 87.8 cubic feet of cargo space. It also provides some excellent comfort features.

The Ford Explorer ST makes available a twin-panel moonroof. This moonroof extends over the front and the second rows of seats. The roof has two panels. The rear panel is fixed, but the front panel can slide open with the touch of a button.

You will find vehicles that offer dual-zone climate control, but the Ford Explorer ST takes it up a notch with tri-zone climate control. This feature allows the driver, the front passenger and those in the second row of seats to individualize the climate controls so that each zone has maximum comfort.

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