What Kind of Access is Available in the Ford EcoSport?

For decades car manufacturers offered two-door access to vehicles. The thought was that most families wanted control of the entrance to the backseat and a broader opening to the front seats of the car. That thinking is no longer prevalent at Ford where the EcoSport is manufactured. Today, easy access to every section of a vehicle is desirable, especially to the back seat where children ride.

Every trim of the Ford EcoSport has five doors. The two front doors access the driver’s seat and front passenger seat and are reinforced with bars and airbags as a bulwark against side impacts. The rear seat doors are built similarly with childproof door locks. The tail of the vehicle swings opens from the left side to allow for cargo placement.

Driving in an EcoSport around Brighton is easy. At Brighton Ford, we carry all Ford EcoSport models.

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