Ford Mustang Handling Features

The Ford Mustang has been rated as one of the top sports cars in the United States. Ford has always done a brilliant job with the Mustang engine lineup, and the latest model proves its no exception. Even with the standard engine, you’ll get the power of a V6 with a manual transmission and sharp handling. As a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, you’ll be able to get instant acceleration on any road.

Drivers have stated that the Mustang is an athletic and sharp sports car that is comfortable to drive on any road. With curves and quick turns, it’s light, but it also has the pick up of a luxury sports car, particularly in the V8 models. There are also five drive modes available with the latest lineup, including sport, normal, track, snow/wet, and drag strip. The Mustang always performs at a higher performance level, which must be why it’s ranked second in the sports car market.

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