Are You Looking For A Compact SUV With Beneficial Convenience Features?

Driving, in and of itself, is a convenient way to to get to the places and do the things that you need to in and around Brighton, MI. It's a plus when the vehicle that you are driving provides benefits that make the experience even more convenient. You'll discover, after a visit to Brighton Ford, that the 2019 Ford Escape is a compact SUV that adds convenience to your daily activities.

The 2019 Escape brings convenience to daily activities in a variety of ways. Part of that convenience comes in the form of storage space. You can fold both rear seats for a maximum of 68 cubic feet of storage space. With both rear seats up, you have 34 cubic feet of space. The rear seats also fold in a 60/40 split giving you more flexibility and options in how you utilize your storage area.

The 2019 Ford Escape also comes with a center console that features a media bin. This area is an ideal area place to smaller items such as your phone or wallet for convenient access.

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