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Car Tip Of The Week

Finding Your Car in a Parking Lot

Finding Your Car In A Parking Lot
We have all been there and it's no fun...trying to find your car in a huge parking lot. Did you know that there's an easy way to extend the range of your key fob to beep your horn from a long distance? With this simple tip you will be able to reach your key fob's signal farther and turn on your horn, so you can easily find where you parked your car. You can use your head as an antenna by placing your key fob underneath your chin, extending its' reach. Now you can find your car or truck and return home from the mall or Detroit Pistons game instead of wasting more time trying to find where you parked.
If you are having any issues with your key fob, stop in to the Brighton Ford Service Center and we can take a look and find a solution to your problem. At Brighton Ford we have Ford Certified Technicians that perform the best auto repair in Brighton and surrounding areas. Ford repair has never been as easy as it is here at Brighton Ford, you can even schedule your drop off time right here.

Tire Pressure Tips

Tire Pressure Tips
When is the best time to check my tire pressure?  What happens when I check my tire pressure when it's below 10 degrees outside?  So many questions are answered in our latest Car Tip Of The Week video!  Learn why checking your tire pressure in the extreme cold could cost you.
Brighton Ford's award winning Service Department can take care of your Ford tire needs, as we will beat all competitor tire pricing!*  The best place to get your Ford repaired is at Brighton Ford, whether you just need an oil change, new brakes or even transmission work, we have the Ford Certified Technicians that know your Ford better than anyone on the road.  Trust Brighton Ford for all of your Brighton auto repair, Howell auto service and Fenton Ford garage needs.  Schedule your drop off time for auto repair online here  *See dealer for details

How To Clean Your Windows With No Streaks

How To Clean Your Windows With No Streaks 
Have you ever cleaned your windows in your car and it ends up looking worse than when you started? Those streaks can be so hard to get rid of...until now. The easiest way to clean your windows with no streaks is to used newspaper instead of paper towel or cloth. Simply spray your window cleaner on your windows and use some newspaper to wipe, you'll be pleasantly surprised when there are no streaks left behind. Simply, easy and convenient, just like car buying at Brighton Ford!

How To Clean A Corroded Battery

How To Clean A Corroded Battery 
In this week's Brighton Ford Car Tip Of The Week video we examine how to clean a corroded battery and cables. With this simple trick, you can clean off years of corrosion on your battery and connectors almost effortlessly. Simply pour carbonated soda on the corroded area, wipe with a rag and your battery is now clean! 
If you are unable to clean your battery or have any questions, give our award winning Ford Service Department a call at (888) 826-4760. We have Ford Certified Technicians that know your vehicle inside and out and perform the best auto repair in the state!

How to Clean Your Headlights

How To Clean Your Headlights 
Do you have a film or layer of dirt on your headlights that just won't come off?  We have a super easy solution to your problem that can be solved with two household products that everyone has. Toothpaste and a rag…that's all you need to make your headlights shine like new again!  
If you have a cracked headlight or need any part for your vehicle, stop by the Brighton Ford Parts Department, give us a call at 888-504-9291 or submit a part request online 24-7.   
If you are having issues with your headlights, tailights or anything automotive make sure to stop into the Brighton Ford Service Department, as our Ford Certified Technicians can find a solution to any problem you are having with your car, truck or SUV.     
We service all makes and models and carry parts for every make and model too.    

Filling Your Gas Tank

Filling Your Gas Tank
Here's a great tip for everyone that gets in different vehicles everyday and needs to pump gas.  Every vehicle has an arrow that indicates what side the gas cap is on, so you will know what side you need to fill up on without getting out and looking for it.  This will save time and embarrassment from pulling up to fill your gas tank and realizing you're on the wrong side…not to mention having to maneuver around a busy gas station to get to another pump so you can fill-up.  
If you're having any issues with your gas cap or gas tank, give our award winning car repair in near South Lyon a call at 810-227-1171 or schedule your drop-off time here.

How To De-Ice Your Locks

How To De-Ice Your Locks
Remember the good old days when you had to carry around a de-icer in case your car door lock froze?  Well, thanks to the invention of hand sanitizer with alcohol there is virtually no need for de-icer.  Most of us use our key fob to lock and unlock our cars, but many older, custom and classic vehicles don't have key fobs and must be unlocked (the old fashioned way) with a key.  For those who unlock their trucks or cars with a key, this one tip could save you a lot of hassle in the winter time.  If you find your lock is frozen, then simply add a squirt of hand sanitizer on your key, insert in the door and turn back and forth…amazingly your lock will unfreeze and you can get in your vehicle and be on your way.    

If you are experiencing problems that you can't seem to tackle on your own, bring in your car, truck or SUV into the Brighton Ford Service Department.  We can help get your car back in primo shape and get you back on the road again.  We service all makes and models and our Ford Certified Technicians are simply the best.  If you need car repair in Michigan, give us a call at 810-227-1171 or click here for more information on our auto service facility near Ann Arbor.   

Cooling Down Your Car Before You Get In

Cooling Down Your Car Before You Get In
Summer is here and it’s hot outside, even in the usually mild state of Michigan! This Car Tip Of The Week is a useful one for hot days like today. Instead of getting into a hot car and cranking up the AC waiting for it to cool down, try this quick tip.